Supplier Shipping Documentation Agreement

Shipping documentation sent to the Carrier/Forwarder MUST be accurate and contain the data elements required by the U.S. Government “10+2” regulation including: 1. Manufacturer, 2. Seller, 3. Consolidator, 4. Buyer, 5. Ship To, 6. Stuffing Location, 7. Importer of Record Number, 8. Consignee Number, 9. Commodity Description, 10. Value, 11. Harmonized Tariff Classification, and 12. Country of Origin/manufacture. Please see for a full description of the requirements. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a minimum chargeback amount of $250.00 for first occurrence and escalating after that. Any charges incurred for a shipment because of vendor error is the vendor’s responsibility and must be paid at point of origin. “

I accept the terms above and would like to enter Videojet's Supplier Portal.